We're a specialist online wine shop for fine Greek wine. Here at GreekWine.co.uk you'll find:

  • An unrivalled range of wines from Greece's star producers.
  • Top cuvées and rarities seldom seen elsewhere.
  • Authentic wines from all over Greece offering quality, value and interest.

This is a new website, but we've been around for a while. We're owned and run by the people behind Wine & Greene, an established independent wine merchant based in Totnes, Devon.

How did we get here?

Ben Greene spent twenty years happily working in the wine trade in London, selling (and sometimes drinking) the world's best wines. But then came a trip to visit his beloved and slightly eccentric aunt in Greece's Mani peninsula. Here a late night spent over the contents of the local wine shop somehow resulted in the shipping of a pallet of olive oil to the UK. He needed a business, so Wine & Greene, a modern independent wine merchant with a surprising amount of olive oil, began.

The first actual wine we bought was also Greek: Santorini 'Mylos' by Hatzidakis (sadly no longer made, but still one of the all-time great Greek wines, and we haven't yet given up hope of discovering a forgotten case or two). From there, the Wine & Greene range evolved into an eclectic mix featuring some of the finest artisan winemakers in France, Italy, Spain... and Greece.

But the Greek side just kept growing, and over a few years Wine & Greene built up a small but enthusiastic following for its focus on Greek wine. Encouraged by this, we eventually decided to go all-in, with the launch of GreekWine.co.uk. This site is an online wine shop dedicated entirely to championing the best of modern Greek wine. 

Why Greek wine?

Don't get us wrong, we are lifelong fans of the great wines of France, Italy, Spain, Germany, California, the list goes on... But these wines are all well known, extensively written about and traded. We're not about to stop drinking them, but what about the rest? What really interests us is the unexplored, the little-known and the off-the-beaten track. This is where value, interest and quality can all coincide. And for that there is no better place to look right now than Greece. 

Greek wine is enjoying a rapid renaissance. Hardly a week goes by without some new grape variety being (re)discovered, or an article appearing celebrating delicious, novel wines from a remote corner of the country. What you get with Greek wine today is:

  • Native grape varieties. Many other countries would give anything for Greece's astonishing array of little-known but world class grape varieties.
  • A new generation of producers. Young winemakers have travelled extensively and taken lessons from the best artisan producers across Europe and beyond. They are coming home, ready to revitalise family businesses and rejuvenate old vineyards.
  • Tradition. It's not just novelty - Greece has a winemaking tradition going back centuries - a fascinating vinous heritage that is being revived and reinterpreted by some of the most exciting producers in the wine world.

So we're spreading the word - we love Greek wine, and we think the best producers and grape varieties deserve to be celebrated much more widely. We hope you'll join us.